Muzzle brakes are known by some rifle fundis to reduce recoil and allow them to sight their target perfectly and stay on target once they’ve pulled the trigger, thereby resulting in much less fatigue and more accurate shooting.

It is very reassuring to most that companies like MadHouse Design exist who took it upon themselves to manufacture custom designed brakes that include threading, reclining of the barrel as well as a lifetime warranty.

Any firearm enthusiast would much rather go to a gunsmith or rifle expert who can present them with a device that can curb muzzle rise while placing emphasis on accuracy, functionality, and value. Accuracy is, after all, a priority which is why attention needs to be given to proper alignment and centering on installing the muzzle brake.

Those who are not yet familiar with these devices that are said to reduce excessive recoil, tend to have a couple of questions up their sleeves to ease their mind as to whether it is advisable using a muzzle brake or not.


Will a Brake Pose a Threat to One’s Accuracy?

Not when it’s been properly installed. With the input of the experts at places like MadHouse Design, it will actually improve your accuracy. Their range of triple-port brake will help you to achieve this.

Does a Brake Reduce Velocity?

Hardly, the brake has little to no effect on the speed of a bullet. In fact, barrel length is the thing that determines velocity. Shortening your barrel when you install the brake will reduce velocity.

What Amount of Recoil Reduction Can We Expect?

It is not possible to furnish an exact amount of recoil reduction as guns differ in weight, length, and the barrel height differs above the stock. Then again, the shooter may look at recoil differently than anyone else. Also, different bullet weights, cartridges, and loads would affect recoil differently.

Is There a Way to Do Something About Noise Control?

We often hear how the use of a muzzle brake hurts one’s ears when you’re out hunting as it redirects sound and gas to the sides rather than forward. Due to this, they are much louder than firing a gun without one. One option to overcome this is to wear good quality ear muffs, or temporarily remove the brake when hunting, which is easy to do when you make use of the clamp-on models.


Users experience locked-in precision.

Brakes are not like a flash suppressor that you can just screw on and off at will. Recoil reduction and accuracy require that the shooter must be within close range to his or her target and have an even clearance with the bullet.

Less recoil produces improved shooting results.

Some brands reduce recoil by as much as 47 percent which does a lot to make rifle shooting an easy thing to do. You will shoot better from a resting position as your gun will not jump around as much, which will allow better concentration and less jerking of the trigger.

The most effective and simplest way to reduce recoil is through using a muzzle brake. While it is not one of the most complicated devices, it sure takes a certain sense of tenacity to come up with a functional design that is also pleasing to the eye, which is something MadHouse Design managed to pull off successfully.

It sure is crazy to think that muzzle brakes were invented by a guy who spends a lot of time around a recoilless cannon. It was these very same artillery pieces that eventually made use of perforated shells and a couple of baffles in the chamber of the cannon to redirect powder gasses.

Even though some would swear that Roy Weatherby invented muzzle brakes, we tend to think it would be more accurate to say he invented the reasons for their existence.

After all, right from the word go, the really big boomers use by Weatherby, such as the 378 and 460 cartridges, came equipped with brakes, which happened to be nothing more than a couple of smaller slit cuts into the muzzle of a gun to redirect small amounts of powder gas.

The very first versions did little to reduce recoil, but they managed to take the edge off.

Through the years, Roy got better and better at manufacturing muzzle brakes that made a real difference.
Besides, rifle shooters no longer have to contend with a bruised shoulder and a scarred ego thanks to the invention of muzzle brakes. Also, click here for madhouse

What Everyone Should Know About Muzzle Brakes

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